Proventus CrossFit
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"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

- Sean Patrick Flanery




Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.


Unlimited Memberships

$89/Month— 12 Month Agreement
$99/Month— Month to Month     


Open Gym Memberships   

$39/Month- 12 Month Agreement             $49/Month- Month to Month                    $15/Month- Add-on to any membership

2 Classes a Week Membership

$49/Month— 12 Month Agreement
$59/Month— Month to Month


Drop-in Classes

$15 — Single Class


Fit Over 50 Classes

$49/Month- Month to Month


“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

— Alexander the Great


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201 N Victory Dr. Suite 271
Mankato, MN, 56001